What is a facial skincare device?

Before considering whether or not a facial appliance can improve lines, let's review facial appliances.

For more information on facial appliances, see "The Role and Effects of Facial Appliances! Can they penetrate anti-aging cosmetic ingredients deep into the skin? Let's take a look at the following points again.

1) The role of facial appliances in beauty and anti-aging care

Facial equipment has long been used in esthetic salons, cosmetic dermatology clinics, and other beauty salons, but recently there has been an increase in the number of easy-to-use facial equipment for home use.

There are many types of facial equipment such as ultrasonic, ion-introduction, steam, roller, EMS, and laser facial equipment.

Depending on the type, various effects can be expected, such as making it easier for the active ingredients of cosmetics to penetrate the skin and boosting metabolism.

By introducing the right facial device for your skin problems and skin aging, including lines, you can support your skin care.

In other words, by using a facial device well, you can expect the effects of anti-aging cosmetics plus alpha, and keep your skin ageless and healthy.

2) There is a limit to the effectiveness of facial equipment.

Facial toners that can be used in beauty salons or at home are classified as "miscellaneous goods" under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law ("Law Concerning the Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Drugs and Medical Devices"), and are not medical devices.

Therefore, it is not expected to be as effective as medical devices.

In addition, advertisements and other media cannot claim effects beyond what is required by law.

Specifically, the following are not allowed to be advertised for facial equipment

In fact, you can't expect it to "cure" or "treat" anything.

That's why facial equipment can't erase deep lines, either at home or at an esthetician.

What they can do is as follows

It is also OK to describe the function of the facial device itself.

For example, the following is fine as long as it is true.

3) Facial equipment is part of preventive beauty care.

The effects of facial equipment vary depending on the type, manufacturer, and usage, but what can be expected are not dramatic effects such as improving the structural role and decline of the skin, but rather gradual effects such as preventing signs of aging.

In other words, it is to support prevention and improvement of skin problems such as fine lines through indirect and long-term care using a facial device, not to expect dramatic effects.

It is important to believe in the effectiveness of the facial device and keep using it, but it is not advisable to expect too much.

On the other hand, even though there is a limit to the effects you can expect, if you use your facial device well, it can help prevent lines and other signs of aging.

In other words, facial equipment is a tool for preventive beauty care and a companion for aging care.

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